PTR Patch 4.0.1 — What’s Coming Before the Apocalypse

Those of you who partake in daily adventures to our humble site already have caught a glimpse of my amateur video-making abilities. Now I get to use them to show you cool new features of Patch 4.0.1. I took a side step and copied my character to the PTR servers early enough to record some great footage for your viewing and ravenous pleasure. In this video, I discover some kinks and perks of the UI Additions and Class Changes.

What do you think on the changes? Nifty, or just unnecessary and  ineffective time-managing?

Again, please drop a comment criticizing my abilities, and drop suggestions on what you, the viewers, would like to see me do.

In an unrelated note, click through for another opportunity to score some PAX goodies.

For those who love free stuff, I have a special treat to you. Vindictus, an up-coming F2P MMOG akin to Dragon Age and Final Fantasy fused, by Nexon — The guys behind Maple Story — has their open beta starting today. After our interview with them from PAX ’10, we were able to sign-up for a guaranteed Beta slot. If you, select readers, wish to be a part of the epicness that is Vindictus, send me an e-mail at:


I have two free codes, so the first two to ask for them, shall receive. Inside sources tell us that whatever character you create during Beta, and whatever you do with them, will continue to Live gameplay. That’s right. If you manage to create a manly, beastly character — or a sensual, badass one; for my lady readers — during Beta, you will still be able to play them on live servers at launch. What are you waiting for?


  1. As a bonus for Lorehound members, here are two more codes for Vindictus. They serve as access keys for the Early Access to Open Beta which begins on September 15th (today). Just log in with your Nexon Passport to download the game and play.




    Note: Unfortunately, Vindictus will only be only be available in the continental US (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) and Canada. No other locations will be able to play.

  2. Not bad Mord. Sounded like you had some more…’life’ in your voice and it’s a good thing. Keep ’em coming, keep on workin’ on ’em and they’ll be excellent!

  3. Great Vid! Just some helpful critisizm: You may want to take a look at the content, get a list of the things you would want to mention BEFORE jumping right into it. I’m not saying it was bad, but rather, I saw some new features (icons, etc.) that you may have forgot. It might be something little, but it could be a big deal! :) Keep up the vids, as of now, 4.0.1 goes live tomorrow! Thanks for preparing me for it! :D

  4. I had plans to finish up all my previewing of it before it went live, but many technical and real life issues came up and barred me from being able to get any work done.

    Sorry for the lull in content from me, viewers.

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