Fallen Earth Heading Towards Terrible Twos, Premium Mobile App Now Available

My, my, they grow so fast don’t they.  Just last year, I remember almost going to a focus group for Fallen Earth only to have my friend go to it instead.  He reported generally good things, but hated the tutorial – it used to give you uber powers, like a high level character, only to take them away.  I’ve kept my finger on the title ever since, logging in occasionally to see what’s going on.  Boy has it grown.

From visual face lifts, combat revamps, technology improvements, content patches and even a mobile application, Fallen Earth has seen more improvements and changes in a year than some titles do in their entire lifespan.  The news has not always been good, but Icarus Studios continues to drive forward as it approaches the one-year anniversary for Fallen Earth.  To celebrate, the company will be holding a party straight out of Hollywood.  The festivities cannot be held to a single day or location.  Subscribers will be showered with gifts from today, Wednesday, September 15 until September 22.  Increase your chances at earning FE swag by following them on Twitter and that Facebook thing.  Full details on all the shenanigans here.

With all eyes on Fallen Earth and its celebration, Icarus Studios decided to release the Premium Mobile Application.  The new app expands upon the free Fallen Earth Companion App that we saw at PAX East 2010.  Basically, the premium application allows players to interact with the universe, instead of just viewing it.  Purchasers of the $9.99 piece of software will be able to receive and mail attachments, work the Auction House, and initiate and complete crafting.  It’s a one-time fee.

Dave Haydysch released the latest State of the Game to finish the triple threat.  Stay tuned for our interview with Marie Croall from PAX Prime 2010 to get some eye-candy to go along with the State of the Game discussion.