Summer Love & It Ain’t WoW

I am very backlogged.

In fact, I quit World of Warcraft. Again. It’s the second time that Blizzard’s behemoth has fallen out of favor with me. To be honest, it took me by complete surprise. I was frothing at the mouth for the Cataclysm, the rebooting of the world. Despite the revamped world, new direction in story telling and new content, I felt the grasp slipping. Then my ferret passed, and as sappy as it sounds, WoW and said furball were inexplicably linked in my psyche. When I was playing, she would be skittering across my keyboard. With her gone, I couldn’t bring myself to login. For months.

Solidsamm and Solidsagart have been dark since. Their candles slowly burning to the nub. June 1, 2011 saw the fire succumb to the wax pool. The subscription expired.

Azeroth has been replaced by a cavalcade of titles from niches high and low. Everything from 3DS distractions to single-player RPGs have been devoured. FPS games have seen their return, League of Legends is back on top of the regular rotation and StarCraft II has me constantly lacking pylons. On the MMOG front, Global Agenda and World of Tanks have encroached on Rift’s time, with various F2P games seeing installs from time to time. There’s little chance of any of these titles garnering my undivided attention like WoW did. That is until TERA or Guild Wars 2 comes out.

Until then, it’s into the backlog of unopened games, unfinished projects, quirky Flash games and the new crop of browser-based titles.


  1. Tassadar: You must construct additional pylons!

    Tassadar: You must place that in a power field!
    Me: I’ll do what I want, Dead Man!

    :D Protoss ftw!

  2. i know the feeling all too well. i too have quite WoW recently. ive been playing shakes and fidget alot more hardcore and also my brothers have gotten me into EVE, which so far im enjoying.ive been making enough money to buy the in game PLEX, which allows me to basically play the game for free, but plex aint cheap, it costs about 400 to 900 million ISK(ISK is the games currency).

  3. After 3( or more) years of playing WoW I too quit. Cataclysm just killed the game for me for some reason, and I can’t put my finger on the exact reason. I haven’t played in several months now and truthfully, I don’t see a real reason to go back.

    That being said I just got an email for a free week of WoW…….I’ll be taking advantage of that to see if 4.2 is worth the money or not. If not, not like I lost any money in the process finding out I still don’t like the game anymore…..

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