Fiesta Online Introduces Joker Class

The latest expansion for Fiesta Online is expanding the playable classes, adding the new Joker class into the mix.  Similar to assassins, the Joker class can deal a large amount of damage in a short period of time and use their speed and agility to get away before the opponent has a chance to counter.

The Joker’s weapon of choice is either Claws or Dual Swords and are the only class to use the unique Soul system.  The Soul system allows players of the Joker class to obtain soils, which can be unleased in powerful attacks.


  • Fastest damage dealing class
  • Poison and DoT damage
  • Only class with the specialized “Soul” system which allows the Joker to collect souls and use them to deal more damage


  • Ranged damage
  • Low defense

If your a fan of high DPS classes, then the Joker class is definitely for you.