TERA’s Launch, Future & Issues Disccused By Executive Producer

En Masse Entertainment has been nothing but receptive to its community, fans and press alike. The company has repeatedly opened its doors to LoreHound and is always up for an interview about TERA. DualShockers sequestered Executive Producer Brian Knox recently, prodding for information across the board.

Being as open as the company has been, Knox delivered a straightforward response to most questions, including how Bluehole Studios, the Korean developer, and En Masse Entertainment work together. Furthermore, Knox discussed the “really smooth” launch and defended the repetitive quests that we’ve all balked at. The current (incredibly expensive) state of crafting was broached, with Knox revealing that fixes will be introduced slowly to pad the in-game economy from rollercoastering.

Last, but certainly not least, is the promise of more content. Not only to undeveloped areas like Velika Outskirts, but endgame:

We will continue to add new dungeons, improve the nexus, and add more support for multi-party raids. You will see a ton of this—plus more—in our big end-of-summer update.

Can’t wait.