Third Game From Cryptic Studios Being Unveiled In “Late Summer”

I absolutely hate when journalists report that news is going to be announced in the future (seriously, I’ve complained before).  “How is the revelation of future news actually news?” I ask myself.  I don’t know how they justify it, but I am going to let it slip because Bill Roper’s recent comments to reveals a morsel of information on the project.

Roper, the new Chief Creative Office over at Cryptic Studios, said in the interview that the game will be unveiled in late summer.  “We won’t be making an announcement until late summer, and we’re still a ways off from launch. I can say that this is a game and a franchise (emphasis mine) we’re very excited about” he said.

The fact that he states that the game belongs to a franchise gives more credibility to the rumor that Cryptic is working on a Dungeons & Dragons MMOG.  Unlike Turbine’s wildly-successful Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited, the title Cryptic is creating would be set in a different D&D universe, possibly the more famous Neverwinter Nights module.

Roper added that “The game is being developed around new design principles merged with Cryptic’s community-first approach to ongoing development.”  Hopefully, this means that it’ll be released with the ability to respec a character out of the gate.  Zing!

The rest of the interview can be found here.  It deals with Star Trek Online and Champions Online.

We’ll have the actual news for you when it drops later this summer.