For the Hoard 5 – The X-53 Touring Rocket

What’s this you say? A spare recruit-a-friend code that I had forgotten about? And the chance to use it on a shiny new mount? I’m there!

Join me on this quick episode of For the Hoard as I take the X-53 Touring Rocket out for a ride — and with a friend!

Thanks for watching! If you missed it, also check out my goodbye to the Zhevra, the previous recruit-a-friend reward. And tune in later this week for the conclusion to my run through Culling of Stratholme for the Bronze Drake.


  1. Gotta say Pixie, I have one on MY paladin as well and absolutely love it! Not only is a a great looking mount, but also great to fly friends around on…esp the lowbies!

  2. and of course, don’t forget delete/insert + up or down arrow lets you do a Loop the loop which is good fun…and if you press the left or right arrow at the same time…get ready for the horkfest!

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