Tribal Wars: That Game That Always Pulls You Back

Remember that game I mentioned way back when I was the new guy on campus?

Well, I quit the game after just a month of playing after that article went live because I was nobled and called it quits. Since then, it’s been nagging my mind to pick it up again – and to do better.

I don’t know exactly why Tribal Wars, and Dungeon Overlord, are holding my attention so dearly as of late. It’s probably due to the lack of a serious MMO in my life since I officially un-subscribed from World of Warcraft almost 4 months ago. The only games on my radar for P2P are Star Wars: The Old Republic, TERA, and The Secret World.

Or it could be the simple fact that I’m preoccupied by assignments in my DigiPen Video Game Design class + senior year of high school that has me wrapped up in games that enable me to prioritize my resources in upgrading and building up my strength by simple queue timing systems. Which really allows me to work on said assignments without having to worry too much on what’s going on in either TW, or DO.

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Just what exactly can be done better? Find out after the jump.

So what could I possibly do that will technically make me play the game “better”? Simply stated: The #1 advice given to newbies is to keep up a 1:1 ratio of offensive troops to player points. This gives you the benchmark you need to defend the amount of worth you are.

My mistake was that I spent all my resources upgrading and researching units, and only maintained around 500 troops. This time I now hold a 80 troop count lead to my 1,400 points I’m worth as of now.

Also, continue a variety of units in one village. You never can expect what sort of force you will meet against, and having a healthy balance can help you fend off the different variables that come into play during the instantaneous combat.

The easy other fix is that I genuinely run a tribe (I have a Lore Hound tribe running now on world 57, come join me!), support it, and improve it – using all the advantages given to those who are in one.

Well, that sums it up in a quick nutshell. If you’re interested in trying this out, send death lor272 a message to gain an invite to the Lore Hound tribe.

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  1. So verrissen das Gaming auch sei, so steht ja zum Glück
    fest, dass das Spielen, eine gewisse Reife des Spielers vorausgesetzt, förderlich
    für das Reaktionsvermögen des Gamers ist. Beim Spielen lernt man mit Spa

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