Cryptozoic Exclusive Carrier of Blizzard Manga

Cryptozoic, the company that has been responsible for the WoW TCG for over a year, is now Blizzard’s partner for distributing their manga works in digital and printed form for their various franchises.

Notably, the Cryptozoic iPad app can now purchase Blizzard works as they are released and the backlog is updated. The current selection as of the publishing of this post is as follows:

Each of these will run you $5.99. Warcraft Legends Vol #1 is free til June 2, and all of the other comics (except for Legends Vol #2) have a free preview that includes the cover art and first chapter.

Click through for screenshots and more info.

The interface for reading is fantastic, with pinch-to-zoom to view the extremely detailed art at a much higher resolution than could be viewed on paper. In both portrait and and landscape modes, the app does an amazing job of displaying the pages. Any “margins” left by the aspect ratio of the pages and screen being different are filled with dimmed images of the preceding and following pages, allowing for a continuous reading experience. Landscape view displays the facing pages together, though I prefer the higher resolution in portrait view.

This app is going to be how I consume future Blizzard manga.

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  1. Cool. Main reason I couldn’t read all the manga was because it was damn hard to keep track of.

    This should help alot.

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