Questing: What Would Jack Bauden Do (Video)?

First he’d shout “Damn it!” and then he’d get whatever information he was after. Possibly dieing in the act – only to be resuscitated – but definitely killing and maiming en route. That’s unless Kiefer Sutherland’s career re-invigorating role took place in Azeroth. In Blizzard’s fantasy world, Jack Bauden is trapped by a simple net as the terrorist plot to blow up the the Cathedral of Light, a shining beacon of the Light in Stormwind, ticks dangerously close to endgame.

We adventurers are the last hope, the only ones that can save the priests, foil the plans and determine the mastermind behind the dastardly attempt. And stop him.

Bauden’s appearance and its homage to Fox’s 24 appears in the later stages of a long quest line written to display Prince Anduin’s coming of age and growing intellect. It’s an early Cataclysm chain, kicking off, progressing and (almost) culminating all inside Stormwind’s ruined walls.

Horde players can check out the video above to see what they’ve missed. Alliance players may want to relive the SI:7 mission, or see what they’re missing.