I’ve got 99 Problems and They’re All Rattatas 

All the Rattata's a girl could ask for.

Pokemon Go has taken over my life. Everywhere I go, I’m on my iPhone looking for nearby Pokemon with their still broken “tracking system”. I’ve stepped out of line while buying groceries to catch a Pokemon that recently appeared. I’ve stopped talking to people and randomly walked off to catch one, and I’ve sat at a Pokestop while a lure is on just to catch a couple more Pokemon. All of this is to say that, like other  writers here, I’m a fan. Even if I did have to wait forever for the game to be released. There is, however, one very large purple dark storm could with fangs and beady eyes that looms over me.

I live in suburbia. A very populated area of residential school zones with schools, parks, rivers, physical gyms (although there are many Pokemon gyms as well), ponds and stores. You would think that with such an array of “zones” that it would be a lot of different Pokemon but no, I’m stuck with the same stupid Pokemon day in and day out. Now, if this Pokemon were an Eevee or a Charmander, I might be okay with this. But, again, no! I am stuck in an area that has nothing but effing rattatas. I loathe them. At this point in time, a Weedle is a nice reprise from the day in and day out of rattatas. I have tried going out and walking around the neighbourhood at every point in the day with no avail. My “Pokemon Locator” has literally been a page of at least 75% rattatas with possibly a couple of weedles.

I’m sick of them. Their smug purple faces and their beady eyes. Ugh. My game “glitched out” at one point and I was stuck with a giant Rattata laughing in my face for about 10 minutes. Honestly, it’s like they know how much I hate them.


I try and empathize with other people like @iTZKooPA, but he just sends me pictures of Zubats. What I wouldn’t kill for a Zubat, or literally any other Pokemon, but Rattata. Let me know what Pokemon you are sick of on Twitter at @LH_kendryx!

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