2016 in Review: Our Biggest Content

This the year 2016, the year of the monkey, is coming to a close presently. And with its slow last glimmers of this side of the sun before we repeat the view comes our obligatory year in review. I mean our, as in the website you’re currently looking at. Yep, this ain’t no Top 10 Games of 2016 or something, we’re getting introspective. Nothing quite tops the amount of time and energy spent in updating the site. The third time since we launched, but as the saying goes, “Content is King.” Without further adieu here’s the top Lorehound content produced in 2016 that you, the dedicated community and Google searchers, chose to spend time reading or watching.

Hey, Look, We’re on TV

We were founded as a video first company. We aren’t generating as much original content as we once were – something we’re attempting to correct – but we still get a few dozen videos out every year. The vast majority remains our reporting from the likes of PAX, BlizzCon and Comic Con.

5. BlizzCon: Trolling 4 teh Lulz – Last year’s Party Elevator was certainly a resounding hit. This time, Trauma takes a seat allowing antilles his time to make a fool of himself and everyone around him.

4. NYCC: The Burning Question Remains Daryl vs. Rick

3. PAX East: Chronicles of Elyria is Doing Everything Different to Save MMORPGs – I hadn’t hear of Chronicles of Elyria when I walked up to the booth at PAX East, but I knew I wouldn’t forget the ambitious project after this interview. Hopefully the team can recapture old school MMO game design infused with modern technology in an engaging way that doesn’t miss the mark.

2. BlizzCon: Is Anything Sacred to Heroes of the Storm?! – Scratching our heads, we query Alan Dabiri on the genre-breaking design decisions that keep coming from the Heroes of the Storm team. This just mere weeks ahead of Dustin Browder stepping down as Game Director and Dabiri stepping up.

1. BlizzCon Opening Ceremonies Reactions There’s nothing quite like BlizzCon in my opinion. I’m fairly certain you can see that on my face as I react to what’s being announced behind me. Give it a look and tell me I’m wrong.


The Good, Ole Fashioned Written Word

Not every member of the crew fancies themselves a video editor, so we still produce quite a bit of original written content. Actually, if we’re being honest with ourselves, it’s the vast majority of our content, despite our founding ideal. The written word will never die for us. It’s in our blood.

5. SMITE: Demigods, Deities and Gods Explained – Amaterasu – Just when you thought Hi-Rez Studios had slowed down releasing new gods for its company-saving MOBA SMITE an entirely new pantheon is unleashed upon us. Amaterasu, the first from Japanese lore, comes in as one of the most popular entries to the SMITE: Demigods, Deities and Gods Explained column. Ever.

4. DDO Nostalgia: Tips for a 2016 Newbie – Turbine Entertainment is, now officially, a shell of its former self, but the one-time superstar MMO dev certainly loves its creations. So much so that Pherephassa felt it necessary to revisit an old flame over a decade after its release due to the many, many updates.

3. Pokemon GO – Yeah, the augmented reality game took Lorehound by storm as well. Readers flocked to our early guides, op eds and rants, but more than anything the tag itself proved immensely popular. It might have something to do with the site’s overhaul giving shoutouts to the most popular tags.

2. Blizzard’s Extensive Extended Universe – This post is an odd duck. It originally debuted way back in 2012, but we update it as new Blizzard products are released. Which, much to everyone’s surprise, is happening with increasing frequency! The post always peaks in popularity right around the holidays. Could have something to do with us promoting it as our single gift guide style piece each year. Hey, we gotta keep the lights on somehow. Go buy something! Please?

1. Blade and Soul or Black Desert? – Oddly enough, the most read article this year isn’t content based on a AAA product or company. Much the opposite. Pherephassa captures the most eyeballs of the year with this mind dump of her thoughts on which niche title to play. Like our Rift vs. TERA article years before, it proved to be a very interesting, and difficult, choice for many gamers.

That Social Media Thing Still Around

Oh, and simply because we can never plug it enough, we’re all over the social media universe. Even if we did come late to the InstaGram party, adding it to our lineup only this year. Seriously though, if you want a shot at our dozens of giveaways, you’ve gotta follow us. Everywhere!