2017 in Review: Our Biggest Content

Crushing convention after convention can get a bit exhausting. PAX East, E3, NYCC, BlizzCon, PAX Unplugged we’re all over the country to produce original content from developer interviews to community chats. The industry continues the change as long as it does we’ll continue to bring you everything we can get our hands on.

5. PAX East: HOB Is Puzzlingly Intriguing – Runic Games is no more. That means there’s no better reason to check out their final project, HOB, a lovingly crafted adventure game.

4. BlizzCon: Take the Candle & More in Kobolds & Catacombs – You’ve got some Dungeon & Dragons in my Magic The Gathering.

3. PAX East: Conan Exiles Isn’t Just About Boobs Anymore – There are some dongs too.

2. PAX East: Everyone Hates a Troll – A mic, Antilles, his infinite…wisdom(?) and an unsuspecting community.

1. PAX East: Quake is Back! – This success of this video is simple. iTZKooPA played a round of the newly-announced Quake Champions, did okay, then took all the adrenaline and frag-induced dopamines to the interview.

We can’t always be prim and proper for the camera. In those instance of camera shyness we turn to the written word for our unique look into the past time that brings us such a ridiculous amount of joy, frustration and escapism.

5. Looking for City of Heroes? – I don’t believe I’ve met anyone that played City of Heroes that doesn’t miss it. Could this finally be the second coming?

4. MVPs Shouldn’t Be in the Game Industry – Minimal viable product, it’s a term that defines much of Silicon Valley. It’s a terrible and increasingly common idea for video games.

3. Console Neverwinter Saves PC Neverwinter – Our team knew the action RPG was reinvigorated by hitting consoles. It made us wonder if PlayStation and Xbox saved the game.

2. Can Neverwinter Save Wedgeantilles – Or save Wedgeantilles from being a console n00b.

1. NCSoft Statesman Gaffe – Seemingly no one at NCSoft thought it was going to be a bad idea to bring The Statesman from City of Heroes to Master X Master, the company’s swing at MOBA. The game ended up being as well received as the news, shutting down less than a year after launch.

Long time readers know that I’m a fan of lists. Not Buzzfeed lists really, check lists. A string of achievable tasks. Each check unleashes some more of those dopamine hormones. Seriously, it’s science. That’s why I construct my time, gaming, professional and otherwise, around these venerable collection of checkboxes. What has 2017 wrought for The Shelled One? I knocked out 9 of 15 games. An achievement you could have followed on Twitter and can for 2018. In my reading life I have fared far worse. An overzealous objective with little thought to how many magazines I read got the best of me. A dismal showing of 16 books of 32 targeted. At least professionally I performed well wrapping the highest level for Salesforce trailblazing, the Ranger badge. I’ll have to adjust everything accordingly for 2018.

Don’t forget that whole social media dealie.

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