A Look Back at BlizzCon 2009’s N00bz Display: Figures Now on Sale

You can paint them to be virtually anything you want them to be from the WoW-Warcraft-Starcraft universe. Or wherever. At BlizzCon 2009’s artwork showcase area, we saw our first glimpse of the cute little figures known as “N00bz.” Leading up to the convention, Blizzard handed out 225+ of these neat little figurines as complete blanks to select employees to see what their creative little brains could come up with. As it turns out, many of them turned out pretty damn cool, and a handful wound up on display at BlizzCon.

Those of us who were lucky enough to attend BlizzCon also got our own exclusive StarCraft II “Raynor” figure as part of the swag bag. And now, many months later, several different versions of these collectible figurines now are available for purchase in the Blizzard store. You can get pre-personalized versions of Ragnaros, a Ghoul or a very mean looking murloc, for $30 a pop. Or, even better yet, buy a blank figure (for $5 less) and create your own N00bz figure.

Can you beat out some of these versions that I captured video of at BlizzCon? Let us know what you would like to make your n00bz, if you were to get one. And check the video for your own inspiration.

Think of the possibilities before you click through to see the pre-painted versions!