Turbine Recalls “Offer Wall”

Have I informed you about the undead pirates yet? Because this one has an undead rat buddy to prove his swashbucklin' status.

Apparently, when a community of people unites behind one voice they really can make an impact.  Turbine is axing the “Offer Wall” after the community spit acid and security concerns were discovered.

“Recently, we opened an Offer Wall with a selection of ads that got a strong negative response. There were also technical issues that raised valid questions about security. Overall it was a poor user experience that was not up to our standards, and for this we apologize.

Based on your feedback, we’re stepping away from the ‘Offer’ category for now. We’ll keep exploring alternate ways for players who want points to get them. We’ll also continue to innovate in pricing and accessibility because that’s who we are. As of today, the Offer Wall is coming down. We’ll collect all the feedback we’ve received over the last few days and will use it to guide future decisions.”

Trashing the project was the quickest and safest way to address the situation in a reasonable manner.  Turbine’s tact and speed addressing (valid) community concerns is a shining example of how to deal with a PR gaffe in the MMOG industry.  Are you following this Cryptic?

Read the full backpedal by Marketroid on the forum.