A MMOGamer without an MMO

Well its been a few months since I quit LOTRO and over a month since I stopped playing Tabula Rasa. I really don’t have any desire to start paying either again, but I’ve been thinking about reactivating my LOTRO subscription just to see what new things they’ve added since I left. Age of Conan is coming out soon, but not soon enough and I haven’t been accepted to any of the betas I’ve signed up for. I was really hoping to get into either the Warhammer or Mythos betas, but I’ve received no reply from either.

Anyone playing a decent MMO that can hold me over until Age of Conan comes out? My LOTRO box is staring me in the face, I’m not sure if I can hold out.


  1. I just downloaded and installed the open beta for Pirates of the Burning Sea. Pretty cool from what I’ve tried so far though it lacks polish IMO.

  2. While i dont have a game for you to play, i am in the same position. Stuck waiting until the next generation of games. Conan ‘s combat seems like it might be fun, Warhammer looks promising, and Pirates is said to have some similarities to Eve, which could be awesome. Im in the Mythos beta, but right now it seems very short on content, only 3 classes at the moment, and nothing too exciting. Even Hellgate is pretty boring with all the skills being so similar, feels like there is no progression.

  3. I am currently in the Mythos beta. It’s a blast!

    Gonna write a preview on the first 10 levels right after Christmas. :)

  4. Let us know if you decide to go back to LoTRO. I think I am likely getting this game for Christmas. I’m mostly just interested in exploring the world of the books, so I could be a 60-days-and-out, but it would be cool to run into/rub with an award winning blog author :)

    Besides, I need someone to show me the sights!

    I’ve applied for a bunch of MMORPG betas, but at 34 and having cut my teeth in 1991 on text-based MUD grinding I’m getting a bit old to dig grinding even if I had the time. The LoTR license sounds cool to explore though.

  5. I received the game for Christmas and at least to start I am going to take the holiday pricing offer they put out–$30 for 3 months, payable in advance. With the 30 days you get with the game itself, that will be four months to play for $40, then I’ll figure out if I want to keep playing or if it is just a massive grinding time sink that doesn’t take great advantage of the license (the main reason I picked this over WoW). I did like Asheron’s Call back when it came out, and I thought Turbine did a good job with continuing world events and content, so I am cautiously optimistic.

    I, also, have not been invited to any cool betas yet :)

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