A Priest’s Thoughts On Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith was introduced to the world yesterday as part of April’s extensive dump of class change information for Cataclysm.  Here’s how Amatera put it (Blizzard description here):

Leap of Faith (a utility spell that allows you to pull party/raid members towards you to get them out of trouble). I love utility spells like that because, when encounters are built around them, it means the game is a lot more about skill and less about chewing through numbers.

I do believe that adding skill to World of Warcraft is the appropriate direction, but I disagree that Leap of Faith has anything to do with that.  In fact, it’s just a crutch.  One that will simply piss off healers.

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My main problem with Leap of Faith is how we imagine the ability to be used as described by the Blue, to save people.  Players that aren’t aware enough to move shouldn’t be saved, they should die (and hopefully learn from the mistake).  As a priest who’ll be busy healing, managing mana and dispelling, the last thing I want is to be blamed for not saving some unobservant player from the AoE flavor of the month.  We healers already take enough flak and have enough on our plate as it is.

I hold out hope that Blizzard realizes how poorly required this ability could be.  If the designers are smart, and I truly believe they are, then we won’t see much of the saving mechanic in Cataclysm.  Instead it’ll be used for actual performance increasing purposes, such as helping a tank get from one side of the room to the other, enabling melee DPS to move from one mob to the next faster, or as an advanced kiting technique.  No matter what, the spell increases the load to an already busy class.  Why not give it to a DPS class with lower group utility?

And what the hell is with the name, anyway?  The lonely priest is pulling someone towards them in a reverse Death Grip.  There’s no leap involved.  The person in question is being forcibly yanked from their position.  Just call it what it is, Scorpion’s Spear.  I’ll just follow it up with a Holy Uppercut of Healing.

Note: I’m don’t PvP on my priest, so I can’t comment extensively on LoF’s impact there.  However, I can already imagine people screaming at each other for an ill-advised, miss-timed or inappropriate pull.  And what happens if a character gets Death Gripped and Leap of Faithed at the same time?  Does a singularity form and the match ends?  A second cataclysm perhaps?

Edit:  I will not even get started on the griefing opportunities the ability will open up.  Okay, I will, pulling people into fire, magma pits, and the like.


  1. Well, you can jump off a cliff, use Leap of Faith on a Party Member and then cast Levitate on yourself. So it’s not ALL bad.

    On a more serious note, I’d have preferred to have another heal. Something more Chain Heal-ish, Discipline Priests are Tank Healers, why don’t you give us a spell to heal them both at the same time?

  2. I admit, I worry about the greifing possibilities but part of being in a good raiding guild means that you won’t have these shenanigans pulled on you in the middle of progression.

    That being said, I can see your point on making priests overworked in that people will start to expect them to use said talent, but I can also see how this could end up being very, very useful in certain situations.

    Is your tank being locked in place because of some boss mechanic? Pull them out. Did someone disconnect at the worst possible moment? You can save them (and perhaps save yourself a wipe, depending on how important they are). A good raiding team will not blame a priest for not pulling out ONE person who couldn’t run out of fire when everyone else in the raid did and there is the opportunity for Blizzard to make some really interesting fights where a MT healer priest might have to use the ability because of interesting encounters. (maybe where the ground moves so much that the tank needs to be pulled to safety once every few minutes or something)

    I’m going to hope people don’t abuse the skill though I know there will always be a chance for it. Still, I look at it in a more positive light right now. We’ll see how it goes when Cataclysm hits.

  3. Maybe they’re throwing this in with the new Chakra ability where perhaps, it’s not available or not as useful unless you temporarily switch up to a Chakra enhanced raid/group heal thingamabobbie…eh, I just grab aggro and smack ’em down…what do I know? lol

  4. This is a great spell for BGs. I hate it so much when a mage blinsk and start claiming a node. Now we will have a reply – grab him and claim it yourself. Suddenly so many achievements in AV and AB become much esier.

  5. I hope they don’t make any fights or anything based around this skill. As a priest I wish this skill was never invented due to the grief i can already hear from players that I didn’t save from fire they were standing in.

    Moron DPS…..

  6. Oh god, so happy I found you guys again.

    I’m happy to have a new spell, new mechanics are fabulous but I like having new tools to work with as well, and seeing as priests have 5 million heals already, there’s not much more they can really add there.

    So they give ups Leap of Faith, or more accurately, Brogrip.

    However, I agree that this spell wont be all that useful. I can see you whipping the tank to his new spot in a jiffy or like on BQL, you could grip the person linked with you, but as far as PvE goes, its uses are pretty small. I won’t be saving people who stand in fire, certainly not in pugs at any rate. They can just die.

    However, in PvP, this spell is godly. Its uses are endlessly endless.

    But since I don’t PvP on my priest, I will admit I’m not too excited.

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