StarCraft II Collector’s Edition To Contain WoW Companion Pet Code

Damn Blizzard’s marketing people.  Even if a WoW player isn’t interested in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty at all (that would be kind of odd in the first place) they are likely to take a hard look at buying the game.  Scratch that.  Buying a Collector’s Edition of the game.  Big Download is reporting that the $99.99 (wow!) Collector’s Edition will feature a code to unlock a mini Thor vanity pet.

Hit the jump for all the details that makes the $30 premium worth it.The only way a company can get away with charging an extra $30 for a game that already costs an extra $10 more than your average PC game is to include all sorts of perks.  Blizzard’s brain trust isn’t letting us down.  The Collector’s Edition will feature the following perks over the $59.99 standard edition:

  • Mini Thor non-combat pet for WoW players.  The StarCraft II unit is voiced by Chris Metzen, so we expect the WoW pet to be pretty badass.
  • A 2GB flash drive modeled after Jim Raynor’s dog tags.  Unfortunately, the 2GB comes full.  Full of StarCraft and its expansion, Brood War!
  • 172 page StarCraft II art book.
  • An obligatory behind-the-scenes DVD with documentaries.
  • A cutscene DVD with commentary.
  • The official soundtrack, including extra tracks.
  • Issue 0 of the StarCraft comic.
  • themes including portraits, and decals.
  • A special version of the Thor unit.
  • The box can double as a murder weapon.

Infrared goggles and facehugging plushies aside, this is by far the most in-depth Collector’s Edition I’ve seen in recent time.  But remember when games just came with cool shit?

I was going to get SC2 anyways, so consider me a Collector’s Edition owner.  Damn synergy.  Who else is going to drop the $100, and why?


  1. I can’t decide what pisses me off more – the hundred dollar price tag, or that I will pay it.

  2. If you can believe it, I’m one of the few who ISN’T really all that interested in SC2…

    And I’m not going to drop $100 on a game I probably wouldn’t play all that much, just for a vanity pet…

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