A Tale in the Desert 4: Vote like an Egyptian

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Make your vote count!

It was announced today that A Tale in the Desert 4 would be coming to an end, but before it does there is some business to take care of. The small matter of electing a Pharaoh, and shaping what the future in ATITD 5 holds.

The Pharaoh’s sons Wahim and Sami have been vying for control since ATITD 4 began. Now players have the chance to change the entire dynamics of the game, not to mention the storyline by casting their vote for the new Pharaoh of Egypt.

If the hard-working Wahim is elected, the tests for disciplines being designed by the players for ATITD 5 will be implemented. If the leisurely Sami is elected, the tests will be scrapped and players will get a chance to create 7 new game-changing technologies that will mold the way things will be built in the game will be invoked.

For more information on ATITD and the election you can visit their website.

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  1. A word of warning to those who live outside of the USA:

    This game’s policies, events and schedules are all USA-centric, meaning that if you live outside of those American timezones you will be receiving much less support and game events than those who do live in those timezones. What this boils down to is that you will end up a long way behind those people in those timezones, you will have access to less things and generally have a lot of frustration.

    So if you live in the American timezone, this is a great game and it is extremely enjoyable. However, if you live outside of that timezone, I would strongly urge you to not pay the subscription for this game as you will simply find yourself growing more and more frustrated by the 1990’s style, American-centric gameplay.

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