Lore Hound MMOcast Episode 13: Onion Helmets and Garlond Goggles


Join Juggynaut and Heartbourne for this edition of the MMOcast. Topics for this episode include:

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  1. I’ve never been against the graphics for SW:TOR, it’s been the gameplay. As was said, it looked a lot alike WoW. I don’t want another WoW in Star Wars universe.

  2. I liked the look of the gameplay. Assuming it stays the same, I liked the model of the “healer” contributing to the group’s damage. I feel like thats what WoW is trying to achieve in Cataclysm, which falls flat to me. It works a lot better in this situation.

  3. yeah, those graphics did look a bit questionable, in the pedigree of STO’s mission based FPS … early TOR class videos made the idea of shooting look just as glitchy.

    TBH, i like the e3 multiplayer video much better, i like the way they’ve tied KOTOR into TOR in the basic UI, the way that a mission script progresses, it has possibilities.

    but the same issues apply of FPS in a latency deprived experience, when you shoot something, it should act as if it’s been shot. and not invulnerable / impenetrable for 2 whole minutes, while a single shot it makes, takes you out. the reverse isn’t fun either, especially in a PvP setting.

    IMO, Tabula Rasa went a long way into driving a stake into the heart of early FPS MMO’s, recent attempts like STO, champions, global agenda, bleh. if i start shooting at a boss, it should feel like it’s taking damage.

  4. On another note, you’re “friendly fire” idea could easily be implemented by a debuff of like 30% chance of taking damage dealt by a party member when you are within a certain range in between the target and friendly player.

    *shrugs* Interesting to see what features they might implement, but as I said I don’t sport the idea of playing World of Star Wars.

  5. The game you were thinking of for the Wii was Red Steel 2

    Oh, and I love how the WoW community’s way of saying “Hey, there are jerks out there who take my name and find information about me”, was to do that very thing to a Blizzard employee.

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