Adventures Abroad: The Waiting Game and WoW Withdrawls

Hybrid American-German food FTW.

Hello Lore Hounds, I am happy to report that I am alive and well in Germany. Last we met, I was nearing my departure and preparing to embark upon an adventure abroad. Now, I’ve been here a little more than two weeks and am settling in nicely… for the most part.

I’ll summarize for you.

The first couple of days here consisted of getting keys to the new apartment, securing new iPhones complete with contracts to use them without the ridiculous international fees we would have incurred on our old phones, eating lots of interesting foods, getting over jet lag, exploring the city, and finally coming to the realization that this is really happening. There was no time to spare, and especially no time for boredom. That was the weekend of Oct. 7.

That first week also was lovely. More food, more exploration, a little bit of getting to know the apartment, our doggies arrived (the Lore Hounds you hear in the beginning of my FTH videos — RUFF! Ruff-Ruff. Rfff), a trip to the local Ikea to pick up a few things, lots of bier and schnapps.

By this time, we were ready to be back online and catch up on the Intertubez stuffz we had been missing. But the Telekom Internet service (known as T-Mobile in the states) that was supposed to be ready for us before we moved in already had been delayed to Oct. 19.

Finally, the day before our new installation date, our air shipment arrived. While not nearly as large as the sea shipment that is still 2 to 3 weeks away from us now, it contained a lot of electronics, including our desktop computers that, thankfully, arrived without any damage. Great timing, I thought – we’d get the computers up and running in time for me to help out with BlizzCon coverage, and maybe even get in my WoW fix and keep trying for Loremaster. But that was not in the cards.

Oct. 19 — a Tuesday — came, and late that afternoon we got a call saying our service was getting delayed. We would hear back soon. The next day, we got another call. No new news — we would hopefully have service by the end of the week. The next day, it was an e-mail. Our service was now delayed until Oct. 29.At this point, I was pretty ticked off (perhaps I even solicited my fellow bloggers to come kick some ass for me, but none bit). Since I am out of things to unpack until the sea shipment arrives, I am lacking the language skills to get around very well, and I can’t legally work here (which could change, but probably won’t), I’ve been pretty bored. Thankfully, I have a good friend here who has lent me some books and dvds to help me pass the time, and a few select games on my iPhone (one review to come) have also provided me with a huge entertainment boost. And I also have gotten out and about a bit, but I am hesitant to get lost when I don’t yet know enough to ask how to get home!

Anyhow, I’m not too optimistic that Telekom will make good on their new installation date, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Until then, it’s iPhone 3G for me, and the occasional bit of leeched WiFi connection from a friend (which I am currently using to post this!)

When I think about it, this is the longest I’ve gone without WoW since my lapse in playtime during Burning Crusade. I miss it, I miss it! I’m jealous of all you playing the new patch, and I’m really itching to watch all the BlizzCon videos floating around in their full-screen, HD glory. If I’m lucky, I’ll be back in action before the conclusion of Hallow’s End. Here’s to hoping!


  1. Did I read that right? They sent you an EMAIL, over the INTERNET to tell you your INTERNET wouldnt be ready?
    Sounds like the phone company who tried phoning me to say my phone line wasn’t connected yet…

    I know you have other ways to connect, but it just sounded funny.

    Hope everything else is going good though, the language isn’t that hard to pick up. Once most Germans hear you try their language, they seem to help you out more because you put the effort in. You’ll get it, just hang on in there.
    Oh, and I love Germany, Oktoberfest rocks, and Munich is fab.

  2. Well, technically the email came from my landlord, who speaks both languages and is handling negotiations for us. Perhaps he decided not to call that time for fear of how I would react.. I left that part out to simplify the story, but you’re right in that it made Telekom seem even worse, lol. I can’t wait to see the country more, though I wish it wasn’t so damn cold already! I’ll have to use the winter to study up so I can travel come spring :D

  3. Psh, we do all the work, and you claim the glory through association? I see how it is!

    Glad to hear you’re still keeping busy. I’m not all pleased with T-Mobile in general, but perhaps they work out for you.

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