Age of Conan: Feedback Time!

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This is a message to all past and current Age of Conan players.  Funcom is asking for your help, and it’s your job to assist them! A series of online surveys relating to Age of Conan has just been released.  These surveys are directed at the players and are meant to bring Funcom some feedback on what the next major update for the game should include.  Funcom has stated that this is the planning phase of the year for them and is looking forward to hearing from a mass amount of players.  These surveys will hopefully reach a wider audience due to the change in approach Funcom is using.  Instead of e-mailing these surveys to subscribers online, they will all be accessible through the Age of Conan forums.  Each survey will take approximately 10 minutes each to complete.  There are a total of 5 surveys and no you don’t have to complete all of them, but that’s not to say that you shouldn’t.

Funcom has announced that on August 15th they will be holding a draw.  For every survey you complete a draw ticket will be awarded to you as long as you enter in your account e-mail.  When the time comes, and if you are selected, then you could win a free life time subscription to Age of Conan regardless if your account is currently active or not.

Funcom would like to remind everyone that there are going to be hundreds of people completing these surveys, and it is not guaranteed that anything you suggest or approve of will actually come to life and be implemented into the game.  This is not to say that your votes won’t matter, but at the same time you will not be told that your survey will be the deciding factor in any large decision making.  This is strictly an opportunity for fans to voice their opinions on what needs to be changed, added, or fixed.

Funcom states that they will be rolling out some new updates in the near future, but to start, Age of Conan will first receive the tier 4 raid updates and fixes.  After that, Funcom will move its attention to the player voted updates and begin to work out what comes next for the game.  Until the major updates are released, Age of Conan will continue to see minor updates which will included bug fixes and game play tweaks.  To gain access to these surveys click here, as well as more information regarding the games updates and events.

Funcom will release more information regarding updates next month, and be sure to check back at for all that info and more.