Tera: The City of Velika

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Bluehole has just added a new city to Tera’s interactive online map.  The city’s name is Velika and happens to be the major city that rules the south end of Arun (Arun being the continent on the right side of Tera).  This new city is one of peace and culture.  It is settled far away from any kind of combat or war.  The architecture that is seen around the city is absolutely stunning, but nothing can compare to witnessing the sight that gives the city its name “The City of Wheels”.  In the center of Velika stands a massive wheel that also acts as a portal into time.  This wheel provides the city with an infinite supply of magic and spreads it throughout the town.  People tell stories that a god originally had set motion to this giant wheel 500 years ago, and has once again set it a spin to protect the city from all the worlds evils.  The city if also famous for its massive statuary.  The civilians had banned together long ago and erected a 100 foot tall statue in honor and image of the goddess that has helped them so much.  This goddesses name is Velik and is thanked for her kindness everyday.

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