Age of Conan: November Development Update

As November comes to an end,  another Age of Conan monthly development update is published.  And this month it brings surprises that hadn’t been released yet. It seems more and more obvious that they’re making an effort to try and introduce something for every gaming style, we’ve heard about the 12player mini game, the social content, the Guardian class revamp and the introducing of the Dreamworld engine, but what hadn’t we heard of yet?

Seasonal Content: Apparently the last Night of the Lost Souls event was so successful that AoC is now bringing up more seasonal events, this time the Aesir need help to secure their celebrations against Vanir invasions. What sort of quests we can only imagine, but surely it’ll provide fun and something different to do during the Winter Solstice period, with probably more social rewards that a large number of subscribers will appreciate. What they would also appreciate is a large storage space at the trader.

Paikang Districts team instances: 2 new group instances, that further develop the insurrection being suffered in the districts, and the story of the Emperor.

The Jade Citadel raids: Tier 4 raiding gets expanded and gamers will have the opportunity to confront the Emperor himself.

Kara Korum solo instance: A new daily instance available for characters of max level, placed in the Crater of the mentioned zone.

New solo scaling instances: Not one, but two new ACG (Auto content generation) dungeons that will scale from 40-80.

What might make many of us shiver is the announcement that they’re reviewing the damage balance of all classes, as well as the crowd control skills, which translate in tweaks and changes that will be introduced and seen along the 2.1 patch series; and the PvP specific stats as well. Sounds like an awful lot of work, but surely it will bring needed and expected changes. If you want to read the complete notes, visit their site or the official forums.