Nadirim Closed Beta Date Announced

Yes, avid gamers, Digital Reality and Twisted Tribe have just announced the release date of the closed beta for the upcoming Nadirim. This beta phase was postponed twice, so the community of this MMO must be anxious for the next December 8th, the day everything starts.

This beta is set to last until March 2011, three months of intense work to make the game a better polished one. During this phase, all the important features will be tested carefully, including the minion and ranking systems, achievements, social functions, etc. Though it seems that game balance and rich play in both PvE and PvP, are the main goals for the devs.

‘After having to move back the beta test in October to provide a high quality game even in the beta, we are very glad that we can now start the next phase of Nadirim and are able to offer our fans and players access to the fabulous realm of Nadirim, inspired by the legends of the Thousand and One Nights’

You can register for the closed beta on the Nadirim official beta page and maybe you’ll be one of the lucky players to get a key. Anyway, from December 10th over 15,000 beta keys will be given out by the publisher, in cooperation with several international media partners.

Till then, enjoy an improved Lore Video for the game where the sun never fades… for now.