Aika Closed Beta Key Giveaway Begins!

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T3 Entertainment and Hanbitsoft inc have banded together to create the free to play fantasy MMO Aika.  This game has gotten a ton of response in Korea and has received numerous awards at last year’s Korean Game Awards.  Aika Global will be launching in the near future, but for now T3 and Hanbitsoft are starting up the Aika Closed Beta Key Giveaway for the game.

If you and a friend would love to take part in this epic online adventure, then click here for your chance to be selected for the beta.  Once you receive your beta invitational e-mail (if you get one), you will also be awarded with an extra beta key to invite one of your closest buddies.  So what are you waiting for? Grab your keys while it’s still possible.  Only a couple thousand are being handed out!


  1. Oh look! My AIKA GLOBAL Character is a dual gunner too. Such a sexy Chick! My gun’s also as rad as that. I think most of the people in the game would stop fighting with monsters everytime they see me. HAHAHAHA! I like Aika global better than WoW. It’s simple yet it keeps me challenged.

  2. The best game ive played in year. Ive quitted playing any OL game since 2007 and this game is the only that made me go back playing.

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