Jade Dynasty: Vengeance Announced

Perfect World Co. has just announced their latest addition to the highly popular martial arts MMO; Jade Dynasty.  This upcoming expansion is titled Jade Dynasty: Vengeance and will release on August 25th, 2010 in North America, and in Europe with French and German versions of the game.  A slew of new features will arrive with this massive update such as two new races, a territory wars system, and new daily events.

The project manager behind Jade Dynasty; Andrew Brown, says:

“Jade Dynasty has been an international success and with Vengeance, we’ll be offering French and German versions for the first time to our European audience.  New and existing players can look forward to new features and content in the upcoming expansion that will help progress the ongoing story between humans and the immortals.”

Players will be forced to side with either the Humans or the Immortals in order to restore balance to either faction.  Players will also be granted the new opportunity to play as the Celan or Rayan parties in order to succeed in battle.  Both of these new playable classes reside under the Athan’s faction, each with their own play style and abilities.

For those that are bold enough, a new territory control system has been added, so that player factions may battle it out in epic warfare.  Player factions will be able to control their own territories after fighting to take and defend it.

As well as these massive updates, a new party system, daily quests, and a unique auction house will be added.  Players will now be able to chat with warriors across all the realms in order to make partying easier.  Once you have formed your group, try out some of the new daily events and quests for some great rewards and loot.  Finally the new auction house will allow players to reap the benefits of bidding on high-level items and one-use unique loot.  Players will be rewarded with items for having the lowest unique auction bid.

For more information on the upcoming content update, click here.