Albion Online Is On Steam Greenlight

albiononlineThe next few years are really looking to be a golden age for sandbox gaming.  Another one has joined the fray; Albion Online is now on Steam Greenlight!

A player driven economy.. pvp… player housing and player built cities… freeform character customization.. cross platform – yes! Full Linux support!

But I’ll admit, they caught my interest at player driven, local,¬†economy. That’s right … remember the good old days of hunting bone chips in Nektulos and carting them off to the Commonlands tunnel to sell? Looks like something like that can pop up in Albion! How can you say no to regional, player driven economies?

And cross platform play. Linux, Mac, iOS, Android, Windows.. now everyone can play together.

Sound interesting? Worth supporting? Vote yes on greenlight, read about the game on their official page or Facebook.

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