Rogue Joins Marvel Heroes and Ruins Everything

lh_marvel_heroes_rogueShe’s breathtaking. Beautiful. Out of reach. A women that enamors the strongest of men. Her intelligence puts me in a self-conscious, catatonic state like none other. Hair; the perfect length. It frames her face in the most intimate manner. She’s enchanting. Consuming. Completely untouchable. Eyes that demand viewing. Consuming orbs. Artistic flecks of Michelangelo perfection.  A body that requires to be draped with an artistic amount of tight spandex. Teasing aspects of the female – all consuming – anatomy notwithstanding, Rogue is coming to Marvel Heroes!

/me shakes it off

I’m sorry, have you kissed Rogue before?! She $%^&* devours any kind of self respect/protection/decency/mutant power you could possibly contain. Don’t you dare move anywhere near that lady without being covered in a full body condom. You may be too young to remember this, but it’s simply a requirement to be covered in latex when near her. Especially now that she’s freely available in Marvel Heroes 2015.

I don’t think the developers fully comprehend the insanity that they’ve unleashed. Brevik thought the mind control from Emma Frost was bad…This will be infinitely more complicated!

We’ll have full coverage of Rogue with Ryan Collins from Gazillion’s new office on a special Monday edition of Instance Gratification next week. We’ll see you there!