Alganon Brings PvP Fun

Quest Online has made the move, finally. Alganon players will have a new and important feature to enjoy, PvP. I know some of you really hate to fight other players, but I’m sure you all admit PvP is so important on every major game. Why? Cause it helps giving the MMO gaming experience a sense of being an “alive” game.

PvP players use to be a very active and dynamic community, usually loyal and constant. The thrill of combat, your heart going wild, the feeling of victory and defeat, the glory of the battlefield… Quest Online didn’t want to leave everything PvP has to offer to Alganon players. They are planning to add this new feature in three parts, as stated on the press release:

“Since taking the reigns at QOL, PvP has been one of the most requested and anticipated features for Alganon.” said Derek Smart, President of Quest Online, LLC. “However due to the original design of the game, coupled with a host of other tasks in the 2010 roadmap that we were working on, we had to put PvP on the back burner. In fact, the PvP feature in Alganon is so huge, that we found it impractical to implement it all at once. For that reason, it was planned as a three phase release, of which Phase 1 (Dueling & Open World PvP) rolls out this week with Phase II (Towers & Keep) scheduled to be released before the end of the year; followed by Phase III (Battlegrounds) in 2011.”

Congratulations to all Alganon players, Dueling and Open World PvP are now live and, soon, you all will enjoy the other two phases coming. More information about it, on the Alganon website.

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