Elemental Invasion Expands to 4 New Mini-Bosses

Rise up, heroes of the Horde and Alliance — part 4 of the Elemental invasion is now live as part of the continuing Pre-Cataclysm events in World of Warcraft.

Your capital cities are burning and rumbling, cultists are wreaking havoc, and new mini-bosses are ready to be slain, and even reward pretty 251 loot in the process. Open up two bosses at a time by defending Orgrimmar and Thunderbluff, or Ironforge and Stormwind. Then click on a portal to get transported to your boss of choice. You’ll see no trash – just a straight-forward boss fight with a few mobs thrown in. Be ready to fight when you queue. WoW head has a good walkthrough of the event, but if you prefer no spoilers, just head on to the capital city of your choice and jump into the fray.

I’ve so far worked my way to the Fire and Earth bosses — Grand Ambassador Flamelash and Crown Princess¬† Theradras. Apparently the Thunderbluff event is a bit buggy on my server, so the Water and Air bosses have not yet opened up. But hopefully they will soon!

Mind your timing — the events seem to happen about every 3 hours, with portals to the mini-bosses only remaining open for 30 minutes. Good luck, and have fun.


  1. Air boss hits like a ton of bricks. A vortex throws you up in the air and then slams you to the ground. Not to mention his Shadow Bolt like attack that can hit you for over 10K damage if you’re not careful.

    Healers need to stay on their toes and everyone else needs to learn to run.

    Water boss is a joke. It’s Gahz’Rilla buffed to level 82 elite. The Kai’ju title infront of his name is just Japanese for monster. I had a friend’s older Brother that used to call her that all the time to annoy and endear.

  2. I’ve seen the videos of Ghaz’Rilla fights and it absolutely AMAZES me how little people remember. He spawns in front of the pool for a reason lol. The party remains in the pool of water, and then it just becomes a fight of freezes and whatnot. At least that’s how you handle Ghazbuddy in reg ZF.

    How many of you longtimers actually remembered that one? o.O

  3. Good times, good times. ZF was my first dungeon ever. I remember joining back in vanilla and being a noob up until about lvl 50. (Now I have no clue how I did that, just never played an mmo before) :)

  4. I can remember when I very first started. Picked up the Player Handbook that gave descriptions of all the dungeons and raids…I gotta tell you, being the nub I was, the concept and idea of Scarlet Monastary gave me the frights; BIG TIME.

  5. If you think that these bosses are “not for noobs,” “not push overs,” etc., you prolly need to either look up the fights or rethink how you play. I walked into all of these w/o knowing how to do em and single shotted em all. Very easy, very fast. Just don’t expect the wimpy shit you get in the rest of the randoms you’ve been doing, expect something that is a little less easy.

  6. Well, “Not for Noobs” doesn’t mean HARD.

    Noobs tend to stand in fire, stay in front of the boss that spits bad stuff, etc. These 4 bosses will kill you if you’re not paying attention.

    If you’ve been raiding for a while, then you obviously one-shotted all of them.

    Still, new bosses that are not complete pushovers? Yes please.

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