Alganon: Going Free to Play

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Quest Online has just announced that their fantasy based MMO; Alganon, is going to be completely free to play on August 13th!  What does this mean for MMO lovers?  It means that you no longer have to walk to your local game store and purchase this online adventure for $19.95.  This Friday, anyone that has been or is currently interested in Alganon Online, will be able to download the full game client from the official website.  After much delay, Alganon was officially released in April 2010, along with some community start up issues, but eventually got on its feet.

Since the game’s release, Quest Online has stated that it is very difficult to survive in today’s MMO market.  This is 100% true considering the mass amount of MMO’s being released every year.  This undoubtedly makes it difficult to keep up.  Unfortunately the community of Alganon has been dwindling away because of this, and in order to keep the game alive and well, Quest Online has decided to use the free to play structure to invite new players to come and enjoy the fun (and free) times of Alganon.

Quest Online has stated that they will still be keeping the games original cash shop, but ensures players that buying items from this shop will not entitle you to greater power over those that choose to play the game entirely free.  This is a great way to get cool gear and sweet items, while keeping an initial balance to the game.  Although the shop is balanced, players that want access to the game’s max level cap and character slots will need to have already purchased a copy of the game prier to the games new F2P structure.  Players that don’t already own a copy can purchase these upgrades from the online store.

Along with this new free to play model, Alganon will be bringing a fresh new batch of content and updates in the upcoming 2.02 version of the game.  For the official patch notes click here, otherwise I hope to see you all in game, because this is one I know I will definitely be checking out.