Masthead Details Earthrise Weaponry

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One of the leading independent MMO studios, Masthead recently released some new info regarding the futuristic weapons you will see featured in the upcoming post-apocalyptic/sci-fi MMO; EarthriseEarthrise uses a a new kind of skill system that bases itself around specific items and gear.  In order for a player to begin using the skills that he/she wants, you must first equip yourself with the appropriate item that directly relates to that skill bar.  Once the item is in hand your skills will automatically appear onto the action bar.  Three types of weapons have been detailed so far, and they are as followed.


In Earthrise shotguns are the close ranged crowd control weapons.  Due to their specific ammo type ( Flechette Canister Ammo), these powerful and deadly weapons are capable of spraying their bullets in a wide cone.  This allows you to get up front and personal to deal massive damage, while maintaining a solid spread of damage on any enemies trying to gang up on you.  This weapon is mainly a heavy hitter on single targets and also has a great amount of melee power.

Assault Rifles:

Assault rifles are perfect for single targets, or some awesome area of effect abilities.  These powerful rifles fire rounds in small bursts, boosting their accuracy and making sure that your target is taking all the damage it deserves.  This weapon type is great for holding off groups of enemies from a distance with the attached grenade launcher, which can be used with the right amount of energy, skills and ammo.  These weapons take precision and skill to truly master their killing potentials.

Precision Rifles:

These amazing weapons make up for the lack of sniper rifles within Earthrise.  They have the highest accuracy rating of all the weapon types and are perfect for immobilizing your foes.  These weapons have the capability of  blinding area sensors and short circuiting energy systems with the right shot.

Earthrise plans to feature a player built economy, with options that will provide opportunities to change the world entirely.  Earthrise will include some epic PvP combat with some faction based warfare as well.

Here are some new images of each of the weapon types just announced, and for the official article click here.

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