All Points Bulletin Beta Update

Last month All Points Bulletin relaunched back into open beta with GamersFirst, who had revived the once dead MMORPG that closed shortly after launching last year.  The latest update, version 1.5.2, which was set to go live today has now been pushed back to an unknown date.

Version 1.5.2 will introduce district recommendations and skill-rating based match-making as well as a lot of items that have not yet been talked about such as, “meta-grouping for better PuG-ing, action grouping relaxation (fancy way of saying you will be able to shoot right as you stop sprinting instead of being blocked from shooting), 70+ different mission fixes, new clothing, new items and a boat-load of various bug fixes and improvements based on much of the forum and tester feedback we have had.”

The reason for the push back seems to be that there are too many issues and not enough programmers, so Gamersfirst announced they are looking for C++ programers to add to the development team in Edinburgh, UK.

Along with the new features planned for patch 1.5.2, two major bug issues were also acknowledged, latency spike problems and 32-bit memory issue.  Many players have been reporting frequent and random latency spikes reaching 800ms, which seem to not be a direct networking, datacenter or server issue.

The 32-bit memory issue comes from the fact that currently APB requires 2GB of member to run, however “32-bit WinVista and Win7 by default only addresses 2GB of RAM”. Which isn’t true as far as I know. I run a 32-bit installation of Win7 and I have 3.25 GB usable by default, so I’m not sure where they’re getting that 2GB figure from.

It’s looking to be a bumpy road for APB early on, but that’s what beta is all about and we look forward to see how it progresses.


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  1. I have been playing it for the last 2 weeks and it is an absolute blast! :D I am really looking forward to more content being put into the game.

    Im on the Joker server look me up!

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