Runescape Introduces Clan Citadels

Jagex is planning its biggest update of the year for Runescape on July 26th with its latest update, Clan Citadels.  The new Citadels will float high above the lands of Gielinor and will be the new clan homes for RS players.

Clan members can gather resources and materials needed to build up and maintain their Citadels, which will be able to grow in size and grandeur with tiered progression.  Clan Citadels will be highly customizable allowing clans to create a truly unique homes for their clansmen.

Citadels will also feature proving grounds where clansmen can gather together to practice their fighting skills or just challenge each other to see who the greatest member is.

Clan citadels will be a members only update, available to clans with five or more subscribing players.


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