All Points Bulletin Early Access Details

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Tomorrow’s the day.  That’s right, it’s finally arrived.  Tomorrow, everyone who pre-ordered All Points Bulletin will be happily sitting in the game, shooting and driving over each other.  Here’s the fine details:

Early Access for All Points Bulletin begins on Saturday the 26th of June, 2010 at 9am Eastern.  Early access includes 10 hours of gameplay during the three days before the game launches in action districts and unlimited gameplay in the social district.  You will only be able to play 10 hours.  The 50 hours that come with the box won’t begin until the game’s official launch.  So use your time wisely (no sitting around idle in action districts in other words.)

On Tuesday the 29th of June at 12:01am Eastern (midnight), All Points Bulletin officially launches.  The 50 hours can then be used (or the subscription can be upgraded at any time to 30 days access).  Any unused hours from the headstart will be added to the 50, for those who pre-order.

There’s still time to pre-order, so if you haven’t and want to be able to play tomorrow, click here and get the game!

I can’t wait.  Literally.  I’m dying here.

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