For the Hoard 10: Farming Ahn’Qiraj for Battle Tank Mounts

Welcome, friends, to another fun episode of For the Hoard. In this episode, I grab a friend and head into the once-feared Temple of Ahn’Qiraj. It’s now a quite empty place, but has some great treasures within if you’re a crazy, hoarding mount collector like myself!

Venture with me as I show an easy trick for farming up blue, green, yellow and, if you’re lucky, red battle mounts. They’re only accessible in AQ, but still cool nonetheless (plus they add to your mount count for achievements like Mountain o’ Mounts).

Enjoy and go get some quick mounts!


  1. I remember farming for my Red Qiraji mount. I had help from a few friends for a bit, but most of the time I was solo, as a hunter (BM so my pet could tank – therefore very slow to kill them and was back in Ulduar days I think) and ended up killing over 200 (I can’t remember exactly how many) of them without a drop. I was very annoyed since not only had this taken ours but, for those of you who aren’t knowledgeable in statistics, the chances of it having dropped with a 1.3% drop rate on the sentinels -from Wowhead- after 200 kills is 92.7%
    After spending several days of a half-term grinding this I gave up. Later though I organised a raid at AQ, since I was after Brood of Nozdormu rep for the sceptre of shifting sands quest line, and the later creatures have a slightly higher drop rate. As the raid leader I, of course, gave the first red that dropped to myself and then was finally able to complete my set.

    So how many mounts is that now Pixie? And good luck in future for the red… you’ll need it! =P

  2. Thanks for that tip Pixie! I had farmed those earlier, but only once a day because I didn’t know about the zoning out would instantly reset them.

    Now I’m going to make sure I farm that out all at once.

  3. Pixiestixy, Can i have the name of the backpack addon that you have? been looking everywhere for it =(.

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