Allods Online Announces Volume 4, European Launch

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Look out Europe! Allods Online is headed your way in a big way. Last week, we received some information on Volume 4, which is set to bring in loads of new content for all players. On top of this, gPotato has announced that this expansion will mark the official release of Allods in Europe. The fouth volume is currently hooked up to test servers, and player response is widely positive.

gPotato also expressed concerns over a gold exploit that was opened up when they provided free Phylacteries of Passage in the boutique. Luckily, this has been caught and disabled quickly, allowing players to safely receive these items. Keep reading to learn about special events and exclusive content!

Plenty of in-game events are in store this month, including the ever-popular Double EXP Delight (1st-8th), a guild-based PvP event, and Astral Assault PvP part 2. In addition, there are some fine updates coming along with Allods Online’s Volume 4:

  • Level cap is raised to level 47, with new skills and new layers added to the talent tree
  • New PvE areas
  • New layers of the Astral that you will have to unlock via quests
  • The much requested mini map
  • A new innovative system to upgrade your items by merging them
  • Re-balanced raid and heroic instances
  • Change of incense mechanics following your feedback, stay tuned!