LoreFlix: Truth About Murlocs

Just in time for my first few strokes swimming with the murlocs in Vashj’ir, this gem of a machinima was posted last week as a collaboration between DarkPippi (vocals and lyrics) and RavenSylphe Productions (video).

This parody of Rainbow Connection (Kermit the Frog version from Sesame Street) explains the thought process behind a murloc’s plight. And it’s really quite simple — “We find you, we kill you, we eat!” The animation is simple, as is the song, but within that simplicity you’ll find some great humor and surprising cuteness, considering the subject is cannabalization. I’m adding it to my list of favorites.

Check out DarkPippi’s original video for the song, which includes the lyrics for your sing-a-long pleasure, or go ahead and download the MP3.


  1. Good video…audio was a bit low but it’s pretty cute. All I can say is when we (Alliance) get murloc Paladins next expansion and you horde get naga, oh yes, I will become Highwaymrgl! Murloc Paladin ftw!

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