Amalos – A Minecraft MMO Gets Dark and Creepy With the Addition of the Crypt of the Damned

We recently finished “Crypt of the Damned”, and I have to say – this was our favorite project yet and we’re excited to have this one shown.

Crypt of the Damned is available to players level 25-30, along with Val’garn Foundry. This dungeon level bracket is the last before level cap, and provides the last half of gear upgrades for players.

Here’s the description of this dungeon:

Since the Siege of Morgin City, the Priests in town have been acting strangely.

As of late, a few of the town’s citizens have rumored to have gone missing.

Normally the City Crypt is off-limits to anyone not of the Holy Order, but after the graveyard’s gardener heard something going on down there, an investigation has been ordered.

What roams beneath the city? Who walks through the halls of the dead?

The entrance portal isn’t that hard to find for this one – you just head to the Chapel in Morgin City, and head down the stairs found in the graveyard.

For the lore section, boss info, and screenshots, continue reading on.

The Siege of Morgin City changed the priests of the Holy Order in Morgin. When people talked about the creatures called “Creepers”, they didn’t shiver in fear; they would shake in awe.

The local wizard named Wandorf was known to experiment with unnatural powers of the dead, and with what went on in Brestan Testing Facility, it seems something more sinister is happening.

Also given the fact that voices can be heard down in the Crypt at all hours of the night, and a stench is flowing down from the Chapel Graveyard, the citizens of Morgin are worried about what the priests are up to.

Three bosses are found in the Crypt: Arthur the Mad, Blackrot, and Tychus the Demented. Arthur is an underling priest to Tychus, with Tychus being the High Priest of Morgin. Blackrot is a necromantic construct of theirs, that you’ll just have to wait and see for yourself.

Enjoy the screenshots, and always feel free to leave comments on how you feel about these dungeons so far – we appreciate any and all constructive feedback!