And I’m Back: I Wonder What’s In My Bags

And I’m Back is a mini-series column dealing with the return to Azeroth after being away for so long. The series chronicles personal reactions to changes to discoveries and making the needed adjustments to the new Azeroth.

What’s the first action you do after logging in to an MMOG you’ve been absent from for some time? Me, well, I checked my guild statuses and friends lists. A guild had disbanded but friends were still logging in from time to time. The second action I took, one more interesting but not as important, was to hit shift+B and take a gander at my bags. Considering my departure from Azeroth was unplanned and pretty abrupt, I expected to find my bags a mess despite my storage OCD.

I was so correct. So horribly correct.

Once I pulled out the cobwebs and collected lint I realized where my characters were in their lives, raiding. Both characters had at least two bags dedicated to the end-game activity. It was a treasure trove of early Cataclysm items. Potions, food, feasts, stacks of ingredients for other guildmates to use, extra gems and even multiple sets of gear for distinct situations or offspecs were represented.

There’s additional terror behind the cut.

Oh, and stacks of poisons for the rogue. Lots and lotsa of poisons. I may keep a stack or two as relics, just like the Tier 1 gear I’ve held onto for nothing else but nostalgia. Those were the days…*sigh*

Seriously, I'll get to it all!

That wasn’t even the half of it though. Despite my end-game raiding status, both characters had a handful of quest items. Clearly, I was still working my way through achievements or, more likely, attempting to experience what every zone had to offer since The Shattering. A quick look at my questlog confirmed  the latter hypothesis.

Lastly, the sheer amount of junk. There’s straight vendor trash, yeah, but that’s not what I mean. Santa hats, Hallow’s Eve wands, a trove of fishing gear to make Nat Pagle jealous, a cooking outfit because why the hell not, Thistle Tea for that extra .001%, MOLE-E for those lazy nights and food. Did I mention I always carry a ton of food on my rogue? There’s a whole damn bag’s worth!

I spent roughly two hours absorbing the state of mind my characters were in when I left WoW and calmly realizing how much gold this cache would have been worth if I liquidated it while *SPOILER* Deathwing lived.

Oh well, still made a few thousand from it anyways. Now to head to the bank. *shudder*

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  1. dude…i know exactly how this is. i just recently came back myself an was in a sad state of shock an awe at what i had in my bags. my bank almost made me cry,lol. i took me nearly 3 hours to clean it all out and reorganize it all.

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