And The Winners Are: Haiku Contest Results

Last night wrapped up submissions for our first ever contest, and the turnout ended up being more than we expected.  Lore Hound has been available to the avid fanbase for a few weeks now, but as many of you probably noticed, the crew is still hard at work on the overall presentation.  The tweakage and PR blitz lead to many last minute submissions.  Some good, some not so good.

See all the winning haikus after the jump.  There’s even an extra prize!Without further ado, here are the winners and their works of art:

Runner-up prize: RP
I just want free things, and I’m not very picky. Third place would be fine.

Your one-line haiku made most of us chuckle.  For that you’ve scored the unannounced runner-up prize of 500 Dungeons & Dragons Online points!  Don’t forget, the game is free, so there’s no reason not to try it.

Third prize (Slashdance loot card): Twong
Ode to the best crew;
That began as a project;
May they rise anew.

Twong followed the most rigid of standard as he/she hinted at our past, and hopes for our future.

Second prize (Sandbox Tiger loot card): Music-chan
Just my lute and I
Serenading Middle Earth
with Metalica

Misspelling aside, Music-chan managed to mix Lord of the Rings Online’s most unique, and awesome, feature into a haiku that mentions Metallica.  East meets West meets Fantasy equals loot card.

First prize (Lord of the Rings Online Collector’s Edition): Dan
Silvermoon City
Great home of the Sin’dorai
Now bears scars of war.

Despite Dan’s admission to failing at poems (and a second spelling mistake in the finalists) his poetic love of the Blood Elves captured the essence of a haiku.  Short, yet powerfully descriptive.

Winners, scan your inbox so we can get your postal addresses for delivery.

Thanks for all the great submissions, but fear not if you didn’t win.  We have more contests featuring more loot cards, more t-shirts and more games, planned for the near future.


  1. OMG! I won! XD I’ve always wanted one of those sandbox tigers too.

    I did misspell Metallica wrong and I realized that AFTER I posted it. -_- I didn’t want to clog up the replies with another saying “OMG, I spelled the band name wrong”

    It actually took me several re-writes of that Hiaku to find a combo I found amusing and in the end, I went with Metallica because a, I have several metallica ABC files in the game and b, it was a very recognizable name for a type of music that wouldn’t normally be heard in Middle Earth.

    Now if you excuse me, there’s some hobbits who need to be serenaded with Fade To Black. ;p

  2. It’s a real shame I missed the contest, since I only just got an email linking the site today, but it’s absolutely great you’re all back in one place again. Is there any chance of the podcast naming contest continuing over or starting again?
    There is one bad thing about you being back though… now I’ve got another reason to put off doing work!

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