Age of Conan – October Development Update

Once more, with the coming of a new month, FunComs Age of Conan reveals more details of the next update series, the 2.1 which will include not only more content, both for pvp and pve,  but also social, something not too usual. But that’s not all, for this series will include as well some major upgrading on the tech side of the game; something that we, end-users, won’t notice much but that should help improve a lot running the game for those without the latest components on their computers.

If last month, we got some insight onto the content areas of the 2.1 series, this month we did have a peek at the technical side, and though it might seem something unimportant, it gives us the idea that, despite having other projects in hands, FunCom doesn’t give up on AOC, introducing changes and updates with their eyes on medium/long term goals, which is always nice. Be sure to read the full notes for detailed information.

The expectation these Monthly Development Updates create is HUGE, as the massive answers and comments on the official forums prove: everyone is waiting to see if their hopes will be fulfilled this time. Sadly, it’s just impossible to please everyone within such a huge and varied community. Some can’t wait for the announced and requested changed to the Guardian class, while others see it as a source of fear. I am no exception and, though it is nice to see that they’re working to make this game a long-lasting one, I’d rather see the social content they’ve announced available for a wider community, instead of the top ranked guild and their guests, but that’s subject for another post.

This month, though, we know that the 2.1 series are closer than many expected, next week the first content will be brought to the test server, and that means it will be most probably released on live servers by the end of this year. With the seasonal events almost over, we have something to put our eyes on, Guild Events, Horse Racing, a new 12vs12 pvp mini game and much more…


  1. Very nice article.

    For me this next patch (and the new PVP-content) is a possible game breaker. If this fails so will AoC and even if they seem to still put resoureces into the game Im not sure what will happen. Will look forward to your coming articles here Sema.

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