APB Goes 1.4.1!

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Real Time Worlds brings us all another brand new APB update that plans to cover a whole lot of everything!  This new patch promises to fix many more bugs within the game, as well as perfecting some balancing issues and even adding an advanced graphics option.  That all sounds nice indeed, but what about the main update featured in this patch?  Well of course they gotta have one.  This time around it’s a brand new addition call “the ready system”.  This new ready system stops the group leader from starting your gang into a mission prematurely.  This means that if your group wants to partake in a mission objective, every player must hit “o” to signal that they are ready.  Once everyone in the party is ready, then you will all be able to start your mission. So everyone hop onto All Points Bulletin right now to download this monster update and jump into the action.

Fortunately for us, that ‘s not nearly everything that’s getting patched.  For the full patch notes click here, and for more MMO news and updates, remember to follow us at MMOCrunch.com