DCUO: New Lady in Town

SOEs DC Universe Online has some good news about one the icons of the game: Wonder Woman. The superheroine is getting some love from the devs and she looks great in the newly presented screenshots. Basically, we can see her displaying the powers she has, while fighting several villains in some action shots, and posing for eternity in a well presented collection of concept art and modeling pics.

The style DC Universe Online’s Wonder Woman shows seems to be perfect for the state-of-the-art physics engine the game uses, respecting the original comic look and details. We can get a glimpse of what she can do in the game as well, letting us all know you better not cross her path if you’re an enemy.

[imagebrowser id=213]

Wonder Woman is one of the classics of DC Universe. The superheroine created by William Moulton Marston first appeared in All Star Comics #8 in 1941. She’s an Amazon who represents the ideals of love, peace and sexual equality… a champion of justice. She has many powers, including superhuman strength, super-speed and the like. But what I like most is the Lasso of truth, a magic rope that forces anyone bound by it to tell  the truth.

Looking at the pics, I’m not sure if it’s better to fight her or to support her when the game ships… Who’s gonna pay attention to the combat when she’s  around?


  1. Whew! Wonder Woman looks good. We now have two lady superheroes in DC Universe Online: Wonder Woman and Zatanna Zatara.

    Did I miss anyone?

    Good work, Sony Online Entertainment. :)

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