APB Reloaded: Major Crackdown on Cheaters

The All Points Bulletin team is cracking down on cheaters in a big way stating they have “basically KILLED almost every cheater” on their servers, but are holding out one last olive branch to give cheaters another chance at coming clean.

The team is allowing all banned cheaters one last chance to come back and play nice, stating,

make a new account – and then play nice in the community for the next few weeks while we roll out the next several changes, and then pray we MAY let you continue on the new account before we launch the next anti-cheat patch

APB did not say how they were able to catch the cheaters only that they can no longer hide, stating, “we are ratcheting up the cheat hunting in such a manner that you cannot return. Ever.”

Along with this stern warning to cheaters, some stats were released about the type of accounts that were recently banned. It seems 50% of the cheaters were also paying customers, some spending quite a bit of money in the game, while others had over 1500+ hours of gameplay.

So not only were these players cheating, they were cocky about it thinking thet’d never get caught. I can’t stand cheaters in any game, so I don’t feel the slightest bit of pity for them, I’m glad they lost their accounts, time and money, they deserve it for ruining the game for everyone else.

I’m also glad to hear APB is so confident about their new anti-cheating system and I wish them the best of luck against these cheating bastards :)

You have ONE LAST CHANCE to stay with this game before we go live. Don’t F-that last chance up.


  1. I love seeing cheaters get what they deserve.
    I just hope they didn’t have any false positives in their detection. Having been on the other side of that before, it really sucks.

  2. In the dev post, they said with “unequivocal certainy” they are sure all banned account were cheaters, adding the cheaters “were observed”. So it looks like they are pretty certain as to who the cheaters are and who they aren’t.

  3. What is a cheater? There is a difference between Hacker and Cheater. HAckers actually manipulate the games data to achieve what they need. The cheater is someone who knows how to be pro at the game. For example, remember MOrtal Kombat, the leg swipe? Everyone thought it was a “cheating move”, because it was powerful and quick. But it was a part of the game. I have seen spawn killers be called “cheaters’, but the game was designed to let the opposite team into a spawn zone, so is that cheating or just playing the broken game? In APB, cheating can be anyting from buying a great gun, and finding a cool corner to get to and gun. For example, launching your truck off a ramp, landing an otherwise uneccessable building, and gunning people down. IT takes skill to get up that building and “cheat”, but quiet frankly that is the games design flaw. Now imagine, trying to go back and play normal game of “shoot each other point blank, ad best man wins”. It is now fun. Cheaters suck, dont get me wrong, but before they get mad, make sure your game is not at least 50% at fault as well….

  4. im a moron, i cant tell the difference between people who cheat and those who make cheats and use them

    cus they are one in the same

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