Black Prophecy Warzones Review

Episode 2: Species War is the latest content update to hit Black Prophecy and introduced PvP Warzones. Over the last week or so I strapped myself back into my fighters pilot seat to see just how much Black Prophecy has changed since the launch of Episode 2.

Getting right to it, the biggest issue I found with the Warzones is that they’re always empty. The largest group of players I’ve seen in the last week was four, including myself, which is pretty sad. I’m not sure if this is due to a lack of players, interest in warzones or incentive to participate, but it’s clear it’s a problem.

I don’t believe it’s a lack of interest, one of Black Prophecy’s early issues was a lack of content and the new Warzones greatly help to fix that issue, so I really think it’s a problem with player incentives. Currently players have two incentives to fly into a warzone, Honor Points and faction rewards.

Each of the six warzones has it’s own reward, something like an XP boost, cheaper items from vendors, things of that nature and everyone in the controlling faction receives it. This gives players an general incentive to take over a zone so everyone in their faction receives the reward, but lets be honest, people are greedy and want personal rewards.

This is where Honor Points come in. Each time you kill an enemy pilot or take over a sector in a warzone, you receive honor points. However the problem is that Honer Vendors have astronomical prices, some items costing 500,000 points. ¬†Even the lowest level items cost a minimum of 50,000 points. Couple that with the fact that you’re restricted to only one warzone at a time because of level restrictiosn and you can see that the process becomes even slower.

The currently rewards system leads to honor points grinding. What Black Prophecy needs to do is offer better personal rewards so players have additional incentive other than to grind honor points. Something as simple as a kill board would fit the bill. I think once the incentives have been readjusted and players get a real reason to participate, the Warzones will become a hot spot.

Aside from the emptiness of it, the Warzones are actually really fun even with a few people in them. They just need to figure out how to get them filled.

Below is a brief video intro to Warzones as I try to take one over solo. Enjoy.


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