ArenaNet Unveils The Lost Shores Release Schedule

Teased only a few days ago, ArenaNet has unveiled early details to the latest Guild Wars 2 in-game event. ArenaNet is still holding the actual event details close to its chest, but has wisely decided to share the timing of the events ahead of time.

Head of Global Community Martin Kerstein would like us to make a date with Tyria for next weekend, Friday, November 16 until Sunday, November 18 to be exact. On Friday, the stirring in the Sea of Sorrows will commence at 12:00 PM PST (3:00 PM EST). Players should head to the Lion’s Arch for the main action, with secondary events occurring around Tyria. Phase two will begin a day later, triggered by another special event.

The whole event will only happen once, but the activities scheduled for Friday and Saturday will seemingly span a few hours, or until the next phase is triggered. The big finale on Sunday is the exception to the rule. Again beginning at 12:00 PM PST, the Sunday finale will run once for a couple of hours and will leave a permanent mark on Tyria that can be replayed.

Of course, the major drawback to these one-time only events is that you have to plan real life around them. Start making your excuses to your friends, family and children. Or do what I do, and convince them how important and cool it is and let them experience it with you!

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