ARGO Hybrid Mmorpg to Arrive in Early 2011

Incoming new MMO, heads up and get ready!

Like an old school style puller I bring  word of the new game ARGO Online. Burda:ic and MGame have announced a partnership  to launch it’s creation in North America and Europe, hopefully in early 2011. Already a success in Korea, this game wants to be a hit in the western market, through the alaplaya gaming portal. What has this steampunk-themed MMO to offer? Read on.

There’s a war going on. Two opposing races, the Noblians and the Floressia have been fighting each other for centuries, trying to get control of the possibly most precious thing in the world: the Earthdium mineral. After World War IV, these two factions have been centering their efforts in two opposite goals:  to rebuild civilization and to protect nature, respectively. You’ll have to choose where your loyalties are.

Hundreds of players will have the chance to fight in huge battlegrounds. For that you’ll be able to choose between 8 different classes for both enemy factions, mastering your skills while you plan your strategies, economy and personal goals. A cool feature is the including of an epic background story to the game, something that have worked greatly in games like Lotro or Guild Wars.

What we’ve seen in the video suggest ARGO is going to be some kind of hybrid, adding MMO classic ingredients and RTS action as well. Check the official features:

• Free to play, with no monthly fees
• Two unique races to choose from with eight classes each
• Thousands of quests with an intriguing background story
• Interactive map system for finding NPCs, quests, etc., more easily
• Large battlefields for epic clashes with hundreds of players
• Wide variety PvP modes (including Capture the Flag)
• Real-time strategy elements
• Crafting system with multiple upgrade options for items
• Resource system (based on the mineral Earthdium) for skills (flying, attack, defense)
• Numerous professions to experience
• Open PvP zones and PvP dungeons to explore
• Raid instances to experience with friends
• Transportation for three to ten players (troop carriers) depending on the race, including flying transport! (Floresslah: animal mounts / Noblian: vehicles)
• Auction house for trading items
• Deep achievement system and a comprehensive ranking system
• Pet system with two completely different pet designs (animals and machines)

For now sounds interesting. We’ll see if ARGO mixes MMO and RTS concepts wisely and successfully.

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