Vindictus Prologue: In-Game footage, Combat and Awesome Graphics [Updated]

As indicated in my most recent post, I now give you the Prologue of Nexon’s Vindictus. I cannot emphasize enough how truly stunning the graphics and gameplay are in this F2P MMOG. Running through the opening, I kept asking myself if I was still playing the beginning or if I was on some special level without knowing it. Common phrases said to myself included “holy crap” and “WTF was that?!?”

You’ll just have to see it for yourself.

Continue to keep your eyes out as I work on the content for the gameplay footage of what you can expect most of the content to derive from.

[Update] I am all out of beta keys.

Again, if you would like to experience this yourself, just send me an e-mail asking for a beta key at:



  1. Wow, short game! =P
    That was great Mordil. I’d already seen that opening cinematic/tutorial thing, but I loved your little comments. “As long as I’m not up there!” “Ahh, a girl and her spider” xD
    I agree that it looks amazing as a free to play MMO, and it really entices me to give it a go when it comes out.

  2. I try, Phanttas :P

    Don’t worry, there’s more to Vindictus than this. In layman’s terms, I find it akin to what I’ve been saying, but the dungeon crawling / quest receiving is more alike Torchlight to me, where there is a central city for everything and then you go to a portal to head off towards the dungeon.

    Keep an eye out for more footage, as I work through the 60+ gigabytes of video I currently have.


  3. okay ive tried just about every free mmo on the market. and none of them have grabbed my attention for more than a few hours(with the exception of DDOand Perfect World) But watching these vids makes me excited for the release of Vindictus. it looks amazing,graphically, story, and gameplay wise. awsome vid dude, cant wait for more.

  4. drift0r, one thing why the DMR does not like you. cause when you shoot you should wait for the reculite to st down to shoot again, if you spam the trigger´╗┐ it just goes all over the place. just in case you didnt know =)

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